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Florida deadly accident kills young girl, injures others

Selecting a safe and competent daycare is an enormous undertaking that many parents must handle before returning to work after the birth of a child. Sadly, despite the best safety measures taken, there are some tragedies that cannot be avoided. In Florida, a recent deadly accident resulted in the death of one young girl and the injury of several others.

A hit-and-run driver allegedly struck another vehicle with his SUV and set into motion a tragic series of events. After being hit, the car was flung into a daycare center. At that point, it went through the wall of the daycare center and struck multiple children and workers.

Nursing home neglect allegedly injures disabled resident

Placing a family member in the care of others who are more readily able to tend to their needs can be a heart-wrenching decision for some to make. The possibility of nursing home neglect may be the root of some people's concerns. For one Florida group home resident, that possibility reportedly became a reality when a caregiver's neglect prompted the need for surgery.

A report from DCF prompted the arrest of two women with connections to a Florida group home. The 47-year-old owner of the home as well as one employee have been charged for the neglect of a disabled adult. The patient -- whose disability was not revealed -- apparently did not have his or her medical needs met.

Buttocks augmentation may stem medical malpractice claim

Plastic surgery sometimes appears to be commonplace in the United States. In certain areas of America, the pressure to conform to a certain appearance might be stressful enough to pursue elective surgery. For whatever reason, a Florida woman who pursued plastic surgery last year to alter her appearance died as a result of the surgery in what may have been a case of medical malpractice.

The victim -- a 51-year-old mother of five -- was interested in having a buttocks augmentation, and put a $4,000 deposit down at a relatively inexpensive clinic. At one point, she attempted to cancel the surgery after her children argued that the risks were too great, but she was told that she'd lose all of her deposit. She decided to go forward with the augmentation, which included using liposuction to take fat from her abdomen and inject it into the buttocks area.

Florida official killed in fatal accident

A Florida government worker is dead after a serious car accident that caused his passenger to be tossed from his vehicle. His passenger, a former official from the same Florida city, was also injured in the fatal accident. Police are still unsure of the cause of the accident, but toxicology tests were taken to determine if alcohol may have played a role.

About 3:30 a.m., the 34-year-old IT security chief for a Florida city was travelling northbound on I-95. Somehow, the Porsche he was driving and a northbound motorcycle ran into one another. After the collision, both vehicles were pushed from the road and into the nearby woods.

Florida slashes caps on some medical malpractice

Caps on payments for medical malpractice aren't necessarily uncommon. In fact, 35 U.S. states have a cap of some sort when it comes to medical malpractice. However, Florida's Supreme Court recently overturned limits on at least one of the previously imposed caps, which may allow victims and their families to be more fairly compensated.

Back in 2006, a woman died during childbirth at a Florida hospital. Afterward, both the woman's parents and her son were awarded $2 million in compensation for the woman's untimely death. At the time, state law mandated that non-economic damages -- which include pain and suffering -- for medical malpractice cases involving death had to be capped at $1 million. The $2 million in compensation was subsequently lowered to $1 million.

2 Florida teens killed in fatal accident

For many teenagers, the senior year of high school tends to be one of the best of their teenage years. That year was tragically cut short for two teens who were struck by an SUV while attempting to move a vehicle to safety. Police are still investigating the fatal accident that killed two Florida teenagers and injured two more.

Four teenagers were attempting to push a broken down vehicle to the shoulder of the road on a Friday night last February. With the hazard lights flashing, one of the teens sat in the car to steer while the other three pushed it from behind. An approaching SUV rammed into the back of the vehicle, killing two 18-year-old boys.

2 days later, pedestrian involved in fatal car accident found

A woman with a laundry list of speeding tickets and two previous car accidents under her belt recently caused her third and final wreck. Sadly, a pedestrian was also apparently involved in the fatal car accident. His body was not located until two days had already passed.

A Florida driver was apparently speeding when she caused the deadly accident. She first hit another vehicle as she was changing lanes, which subsequently caused her to strike a culvert. Her vehicle soared several feet in the air and struck and broke a utility pole before she rammed through a concrete wall. Eventually her vehicle rolled to a stop and erupted into flames. The driver was thrown from the vehicle and died due to the injuries that she sustained in the accident.

Family plans to file medical malpractice suit for injured boxer

While boxing may carry inherent risks -- particularly broken limbs and head injuries -- precautionary measures have been added to protect those who participate in the sport. The family of a Russian boxer who resided in Florida claim that those precautions weren't adhered to for their loved one after he experienced a serious brain injury. According to recently filed documents, the family is planning on moving forward with medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of their loved one.

During a 10-round fight, Magomed Abdusalamov's jaw appeared to have been broken and his face was extremely swollen on the left side. After the fight ended, Abdusalamov returned to his dressing room and state athletic commission doctors assessed his situation. They administered a simple neurological test which consisted of the boxer reciting numbers, and the administering doctor admits that he made a few mistakes. Despite complaining of pain in his head, the doctors simply stitched up a cut on his forehead, told him that his nose had been broken and that he should follow-up with a doctor sometime after he returned home to Florida.

5 killed including driver in Florida wrong-way fatal accident

The results of a wrong-way driving accident can be more deadly than most other car wrecks. The residents of Florida were reminded of that grim fact when a wrong-way driver killed five people, including himself or herself. The driver who both caused and was also killed in the fatal accident has yet to be identified.

The accident occurred on northbound Interstate 275 at about 2 a.m. The driver of an SUV was headed the wrong way when he or she slammed head-on into an approaching vehicle. Four fraternity brothers were traveling in the vehicle that was struck, and all four were killed in the accident. The SUV caught fire in the wreck, and the driver was also found dead at the site of the accident.

Deceased doctor's family sues hospital for medical malpractice

This blog has often emphasized that medical malpractice cases are determined on legal principles of negligence. In Florida and all other jurisdictions, a professional's failure to provide care that at least minimally meets the accepted standard of care in the community is a breach of duty to the patient that allows for monetary damages. There is another aspect of medical malpractice claims that is important: a system that requires compensation to victims carries a certain deterrence effect, and if you will, can be a kind of "wakeup call" to the medical community in general.

Despite the fact that heartbreaking cases of malpractice continue despite the tort system, it nonetheless is reasonable to conclude that malpractice incidents would increase if there were not a system of significant redress open to patients. In any event, the system's importance is eminently apparent to a person who has lost a dear family member to careless medical practices. Recently, the family of a deceased 26-year-old medical doctor filed a lawsuit against the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center claiming the hospital negligently caused the doctor's death on May 29.

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