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Negligence In Patient Treatment Follow Up

While medical negligence can occur in many different ways, generally a medical professional is negligent if they deviate from the level of attention that is required. Deviation from the accepted medical standard of care is considered to be medical negligence, and if it causes undue injury to a patient, the doctor, staff and/or hospital may be held liable.

Failure To Monitor Vital Signs And Medication Effects In Hospitals

When physicians and other health care professionals fail to monitor vital signs and medications, medical conditions may worsen and even wrongful death may occur. Because medical negligence cases can be serious and complex, it is important to consult with an experienced legal professional who can research and become familiar with all aspects of your case and advise you appropriately.
Once a course for treatment of illness or injury has begun, it is critical that the doctor/nurse follow up regularly to monitor performance of the treatment. Commonly, a nurse will be called upon to help administer treatment, but is not qualified to make medical decisions regarding continuation or adjustment of the treatment. If the doctor orders a treatment and then allows it to go on without regular follow up, this can be a form of medical negligence. Furthermore, if the treatment results in side-effects or causes damage to the patient, the doctor may be held liable.

Similar to a failure to follow up, a doctor should be aware of the effects of any treatment being administered to his or her patient. This is done by testing and monitoring of patient recovery, vital signs and overall health. When the doctor/nurse fails to monitor the progress of the patient properly, this negligent medical treatment can lead to further injury to the patient.

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