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Fort Myers, Florida, Birth Injury Lawyer

Was your baby injured during delivery or while in the care of hospital staff? Are you worried that this possibly permanent injury may affect your baby for life?

At The Law Office of Terry S. Nelson, P.A., in Fort Myers, we are committed to serving parents whose children were injured at birth. Our Fort Myers, Florida, birth injury attorney works personally with clients to pursue claims against doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers. If your newborn was injured, we can help secure the compensation your family deserves.

Serious Birth Injuries

If your child has been diagnosed with a serious condition or injury as a result of birth trauma, we can help you secure the compensation your child will need for a lifetime of care. We are skilled at handling cases involving even the most serious injuries:

  • Head or spinal cord injury
  • Erb’s palsy due to shoulder dystocia
  • Brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation

If your child was profoundly injured, we will help to secure compensation and a life care plan that will provide for lifetime care of your child. If your child’s birth injury is fatal, we can pursue a wrongful death suit against the doctor and hospital. We will work sensitively and compassionately with you during this difficult time to secure compensation.

Our Punta Gorda Erb’s Palsy Attorney Has Extensive Experience In Dealing With Medical Malpractice

Birth injury cases involve difficult medical issues. We have extensive experience in tackling these medical issues and dealing with other medical malpractice cases. We retain medical experts to help our clients decide whether to pursue an injury claim.

Doctors and hospital personnel are trusted with the care of expecting mothers and their children. Nurses may not adequately monitor your labor or fail to notice fetal distress. Doctors may fail to do a timely caesarean section (C-section). Whatever the case, we can help.

Contact Our Fort Myers Birth Injury Law Firm

Contact The Law Office of Terry S. Nelson, P.A., in Fort Myers, for information about claims of birth injury or infant death. We can be reached by phone at 239-334-1789 or through the intake form on our contact us page.